The features of the Wanderer were harsh as ever, but his red shock peruke, for such it proved, was laid aside, his sable elf-locks were trained, by a little of Joceline’s assistance垕怎么读 , into curls, and his fine black eyes shone from among the shade of these curls, and corresponded with the animated, though not handsome, character of the whole head. In his conversation传奇纨绔少爷 , he had laid aside all the coarseness of dialect which he had so strongly affected on the preceding evening; and although he continued to speak a little Scotch, for the support of his character as a young gentleman of that nation, yet it was not in a degree which rendered his speech either uncouth or unintelligible, but merely afforded a certain Doric tinge essential to the personage he represented. No person on earth could better understand the society in which he moved; exile had made him acquainted with life in all its shades and varieties; — his spirits, if not uniform, were elastic — he had that species of Epicurean philosophy, which, even in the most extreme difficulties and dangers, can,张瑶萱 in an interval of ease, however brief, avail itself of the enjoyments of the moment — he was, in short篇篇情 , in youth and misfortune, as afterwards in his regal condition三吉彩花 , a good-humoured but hard-hearted voluptuary — wise, save where his passions intervened — beneficent, save when prodigality had deprived him of the means, or prejudice of the wish, to confer benefits — his faults such as might often have drawn down hatred, but that they were mingled with so much urbanity, that the injured person felt it impossible to retain the full sense of his wrongs.Albert Lee found the party, consisting of his father, sister, and the supposed page, seated by the breakfast-table买卖惠 , at which he also took his place. He was a pensive and anxious beholder of what passed, while the page, who had already completely gained the heart of the good old cavalier, by mimicking the manner in which the Scottish divines preached in favour of Ma gude Lord Marquis of Argyle and the Solemn League and Covenant, was now endeavouring to interest the fair Alice by such anecdotes, partly of warlike and perilous adventure, as possessed the same degree of interest for the female ear which they have had ever since Desdemona’s days. But it was not only of dangers by land and sea that the disguised page spoke; but much more, and much oftener, on foreign revels, banquets, balls郝升山 , where the pride of France, of Spain, or of the Low Countries, was exhibited in the eyes of their most eminent beauties. Alice being a very young girl贝亚娜斗神 , who, in consequence of the Civil War青铜修炼手册 , had been almost entirely educated in the country, and often in great seclusion, it was certainly no wonder that she should listen with willing ears, and a ready smile秦基伟简历 , to what the young gentleman, their guest, and her brother’s protege彭巧娣 , told with so much gaiety, and mingled with such a shade of dangerous adventure, and occasionally of serious reflection, as prevented the discourse from being regarded as merely light and frivolous.In a word, Sir Henry Lee laughed, Alice smiled from time to time, and all were satisfied but Albert勿忘蛛 , who would himself, however, have been scarce able to allege a sufficient reason for his depression of spirits. The materials of breakfast were at last removed, under the active superintendence of the neat-handed Phoebe, who looked over her shoulder眭依凡 , and lingered more than once张馨云 , to listen to the fluent discourse of their new guest伍克波, whom, on the preceding evening, she had, while in attendance at supper, accounted one of the most stupid inmates to whom the gates of Woodstock had been opened since the times of Fair Rosamond.Louis Kerneguy then, when they were left only four in the chamber梁荣彩 , without the interruption of domestics, and the successive bustle occasioned by the discussion and removal of the morning meal, became apparently sensible, that his friend and ostensible patron Albert ought not altogether to be suffered to drop to leeward in the conversation, while he was himself successfully engaging the attention of those members of his family to whom he had become so recently known. He went behind his chair, therefore上海张学兵 , and, leaning on the back, said with a good-humoured tone, which made his purpose entirely intelligible —“Either my good friend, guide, and patron, has heard worse news this morning than he cares to tell us, or he must have stumbled over my tattered jerkin and leathern hose, and acquired, by contact, the whole mass of stupidity which I threw off last night with those most dolorous garments. Cheer up, my dear Colonel Albert, if your affectionate page may presume to say so — you are in company with those whose society, dear to strangers大隧道惨案 , must be doubly so to you. Oddsfish, man抚顺石化吧 , cheer up书朋 ! I have seen you gay on a biscuit and a mouthful of water-cresses — don’t let your heart fail you on Rhenish wine and venison.”“Dear Louis,” said Albert, rousing himself into exertion与中校闪婚 , and somewhat ashamed of his own silence逍遥房东 , “I have slept worse, and been astir earlier than you.”“Be it so,” said his father; “yet I hold it no good excuse for your sullen silence. Albert, you have met your sister and me, so long separated from you, so anxious on your behalf, almost like mere strangers, and yet you are returned safe to us, and you find us well.”