wifi.360.cn之“飞沙滩”一日游活动报道 MECH基层分会2017年4月份自助游-MECHnews

之“飞沙滩”一日游活动报道 MECH基层分会2017年4月份自助游-MECHnews沧浪亭怀贯之
2017年4月30上午8时许,MECH事业部近200名同事wifi.360.cn,相约“飞沙滩”。五辆大巴载着花一样的心情,经过一个多小时的车程,到达了“飞沙滩”。到达“飞沙滩”后,组织拔河比赛傅平山,按车号分为5队,最终获得冠军的是①号车,亚军:④号车,何美璇季军:③号车独眼枭 。拔河结束后,飞镖大赛,大家各显身手,玩的不亦乐乎蟑螂鼠 。
On30th April, 2017 at 08:00 in the morning, about 200 colleagues fromMECH got together and to visit the “Feisha” beach. Five buses took us to be thedestination断桥离情, after more than an hour's driving牛奶客 , we arrived the “Feisha” beach.We organized an tug-of-war, we divided all people into 5 groups, finally杜国楹 , thefirst bus got the first place潘文石, the forth bus got the second place票证通 , and thethird bus got the third place. After this tug-of-war, we played darts萌娘武侠世界 ,everybody would like to try and show their best practice, we enjoyed the joy ofplaying.
12:00烧烤午餐开始,大家各显厨艺,有,烤打尖儿 ,煎,煮陶斯咏简介 ,大杂烩上海沧桑 ,酒足饭饱之后,大家自由活动。
At12:00, barbecue lunchstarted中国在梁庄, all couldn’t help cooking the delicious food together云子中学, after enjoyingthe meal, it’s free time for activities.
At 16:30徐英浩 , we left “Feisha”beach with unwillingness and satisfaction